Thur Nov 16,2017 18:30 - 19:45  video screening

Five years ago, the Kenyan farmer Kisilu Musya started to use his camera to document his family, his village and the impact that climate change is having on both. They face floods, droughts, storms and when Kisilu’s house is destroyed by a storm, Kisilu starts a communal farmers’ movement and calls for action against the extreme consequences of the weather. Despite all the resistance Kisilu meets he makes it far in his struggle – all the way to both Oslo and the COP21 in Paris. The film is a story of hope from the frontline of climate change

COP 22 Info Brief

COP 22 Info Brief: Useful websites and links

As we look forward to hosting your participation in COP 22 ( Marrakesh 7-18, Nov 2016, we wish to link you to some useful resources and websites for respective information.

Official COP 22 website is Please interact and note the following very informative sections:

  • Useful information about Morocco: here
  • Traveling to the Kingdom of Morocco: here
  • Map of the COP Space: below

Further, the following websites offer an overview of the respective Schedule of Negotiations and Side events in both Zones:

  • Blue Zone side events:  here... *Accreditation needed
  • Green Zone side events ( Civil Society Space): here

The Indigenous Peoples' and Communities' Pavilion will be located inside the Civil Societies Space (Green Zone). We will provide additional information on getting there.