COP 22 Info Brief

COP 22 Info Brief: Useful websites and links

As we look forward to hosting your participation in COP 22 ( Marrakesh 7-18, Nov 2016, we wish to link you to some useful resources and websites for respective information.

Official COP 22 website is Please interact and note the following very informative sections:

  • Useful information about Morocco: here
  • Traveling to the Kingdom of Morocco: here
  • Map of the COP Space: below

Further, the following websites offer an overview of the respective Schedule of Negotiations and Side events in both Zones:

  • Blue Zone side events:  here... *Accreditation needed
  • Green Zone side events ( Civil Society Space): here

The Indigenous Peoples' and Communities' Pavilion will be located inside the Civil Societies Space (Green Zone). We will provide additional information on getting there.