LCIPP: Update on FWG1 and thematic workshop in June

Dear Friends of the LCIPP

 We are pleased to confirm that the first meeting of the Facilitative Working Group (FWG) will take place on 14-16 June, and it will be held at a venue in Bonn. More information about the venue/registration will be made available on the webpage as it becomes available. The meeting will be open to observers. A separate registration (from the SB registration) will be undertaken for the FWG meeting.

 In addition, the mandated LCIPP in-session thematic workshop is planned for for 19 June (the date will be confirmed soon when the SBSTA overview schedule is published), more information, including about which room it will be held in, will be made available on the website soon. Further LCIPP activities are also being organized, we will continue to keep you informed.

 Nominations to the FWG: nominations are still pending for 3 Party representatives (from Eastern Europe, WEOG and the LDCs). Nominations for 5 alternates are also pending (from Eastern Europe, WEOG, LDCs, SIDS and Asia Pacific). Here is the list of membership.

 Wishing you all a good day,

 Kind regards,


 Tiffany Hodgson
Programme Officer
Science and Review Sub-Programme,

Adaptation Programme