First Indigenous Peoples Press Conference at COP22


The Indigenous Peoples Caucus presented their views before the press on Tuesday 8 November 2016. Each region actively participated in presenting the perspectives of the Global Indigenous Peoples Caucus, as well as their own climate-related realities. In photo from left Rodion Sulyandziga (Russia); Jannie Staffansson (Norway); Alberto Saldamando (U.S.A); Estebancio Castro (Panama); Joan Carling (Philippines); India Logan Riley (Aotearoa/New Zealand); and Kimaren Stanley (Africa).

“As COP 22 is the COP for Action for the implementation of the Paris Agreement, Indigenous Peoples are calling on states and others to build partnerships with indigenous peoples based on the respect, recognition and protection of our rights, particularly to land and resource tenure in order to enhance the contributions of indigenous peoples to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Further, Indigenous peoples call on the states parties to support the Geneva Pledge on Human Rights and climate change to establish a working group or a programme of action on the implementation of the Paris Agreement. This shall include the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples through the appointment of representatives of indigenous peoples”

— Joan Carling of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP), Indigenous Peoples Press Conference, Tuesday, 8 November 2016