COP 22 Selection of events, Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

09.00 – 10.00 Arabian Room (Blue zone) 
Indigenous Peoples' Global Caucus Meeting

10.30 – 11.00 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Briefing for the Indigenous Peoples' Caucus

11.15 – 12.15 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Indigenous Voices on Climate Change 
Organizers: APIB - Articulation of Indigenous People of Brazil

11.30 – 13.00 Arabian Room (Blue zone) 
Jurisdictional Sustainability: A bottom-up, integrated approach to reducing deforestation 
Organizers: Earth Innovation Institute/Amigos de la Tierra Asociación Civil (ATAC)/Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostinible, A. C. (CCMSS)/Derecho Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (DAR)

12.30 – 13.30 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Climate Adaptation and Land Management with Indigenous People and Traditional Communities 
Organizers: IPAM - Amazon Environmental Research Institute

13.45 – 14.15 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Cultural Landscapes: Territorial and Environmental Management of Indigenous Lands Indigenous Facing Climate Change in the Brazilian Amazon 
Organizers: Rede de Cooperação Amazônica - RCA (Rede de Cooperación de ongs indígenas y indigenistas)/Hutukara Associação Yanomami/Conselho Indígena de Roraiama (CIR)/Comissão Pró-Índio do Acre (CPI-AC)/Iepé - Instituto de Pesquisa e Formação Indígena

14.30 – 16.30 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Biocultural Heritage-based Innovations for Climate Resilient Food Systems: Lessons and Best Practices from the SIFOR Project
Organizers: Intl. Institute for Environment & Development/Asociacion ANDES (Peru)

15.00 – 16.30 Draa Room (Green zone) 
Human rights and climate change: what's next after Paris? 
Organizers: Carbon Market Watch

16.45 – 17.15 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Mainstreaming Indigenous People’s Environmental Concerns: the Missing Piece in Ongoing Political and Administrative Decentralization in Africa 
Organizers: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley UTRGV/IUCN

17.30 – 18.30 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Subnational Governments and Indigenous Peoples: Successful Stories of Climate Adaptation 
Organizers: Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development - nrg4SD

18.45 – 20.00 Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion 
Traditional Knowledge: Ecology of Care - Creating a Better Future with Sustainable Yogic Agriculture and Increased Awareness of Health and Nutrition 
Organizers: Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University/Global Ecovillage Network

Note: This agenda was compiled by DOCIPVisit Docip's technical secretariat in the Indigenous Peoples' Pavilion!