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ITK: Ecology of Care

Traditional Knowledge: Ecology of Care - Creating a Better Future with Sustainable Yogic Agriculture and Increased Awareness of Health and Nutrition 

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
Global Ecovillage Network


  • Kosha Joubert (MSc Org. Dev.), Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network. Topic: Ecovillage - Traditional Wisdom and Positive Innovation
  • Romina Melwani (Dip NT), Nutritional Therapist, General Treasurer of the Moroccan Association de Réflexion pour le Ressourcement Intérieur. Topic: Nutrition
  • Valeriane Bernard, Educator, Brahma Kumaris’ NGO Representative to the UN, Geneva. Topic: Yogic agriculture – the resilience and application of spiritual knowledge
  • Juan Vazquez Milling, Canada/Mexico, Homeopath, Youth Coordinator Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative. Topic: Health

Moderator: Laura Agroum
Thematic areas: Traditional Knowledge, Mitigation, Partnerships

Earlier Event: November 15
Subnational Gov & IPs
Later Event: November 16
IP Caucus