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Mangrove Project on Climate Change

  • Aeroport de Paris-Le Bourget 180 Esplanade de l’Air et de l’Espace, 93350 Paris France (map)

Organizers: Aalamaram NGO; nyk,vyk, map,nyp,nature surat, Bombay Nature History

Mangrove ecosystems are threatened by climate change. We review the state of knowledge of mangrove vulnerability and responses to predicted climate change and consider adaptation options, of all the climate change outcomes, relative sea-level rise may be the greatest threat to mangroves. Rising Sea-level will have the greatest impact on mangroves experiencing net lowering in sediment elevation. The Indian Ocean Pichavaram mangroves have been demonstrated to be at high risk substantial reductions.

The enhanced conservation and restoration of mangroves and its associated sequestration of atmospheric carbon, contributes to mitigating global warming thereby benefiting the entire planet.  

Speaker: Arjunanelayaraja Arjunan, Young Researcher; Secretary, Aalamaram NGO

Location: Indigenous Peoples Pavilion (Round House)

Contact: Arjunanelayaraja Arjunan,