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Xina Bena: The New Era & The Huni Kuin Cooperative

  • Aeroport de Paris -Le Bourges 180 Esplanade de l’Air et de l’Espace, 93350. Paris France (map)

Organizers: The Huni Kuin of Jordao; Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Vienna

Political revisionism in Brazil threatens the fragile situation of the country’s indigenous peoples. The ambiguities of the new biodiversity laws (Law Nr. 13,123/2015 from May 20159) complicate the management of their traditional knowledge of plants and nature while revoking previous rights and opening doors to biopiracy. To address this new legal framework, the Huni Kuin of Acre are preparing various socio-political initiatives.

The Huni Kuin Cooperative operates on political, ecological, economic levels, as well as spiritual organization, the production of sustainable products, and the protection of biodiversity and ancestral knowledge of organisms that are of “value”. This is a locus to implement energy and water purification technologies, and enables financial transactions that alleviate the burden of recent electronic bondage. It sets ground for entering dialogues with different entities around the world on eye-level and find real solutions for local and global challenges.

Featured Films: Created by Huni Kuin filmmakers

Livro Vivo - by Tadeu Sia

This film is on shaman Agostinho Ĩka Muru.

Book of Healing

This film deals with the management of traditional plant knowledge and resources.

Ma Ê Dami Xina: Já me transformei em imagem - by Zezinho Yube

This film narrates the history of the Huni Kuin people and their cultural resurgence.


Txana Bane Hun Kuin or Fabiano Maia Sales
Leopardo Yawa Bane Huni Kuin Kaxinawá
Tadeu Mateus Kaxinawá
Ernesto Neto

Location: Indigenous Peoples Pavilion (Round House)

Contact: Fabiano Maia Sales,

Languages: English/Portuguese