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The Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion is being organized and programmed by the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC) with support from the Governments of Norway and France, in addition to UNDP.

The purpose of the Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion is to ensure the effective engagement of indigenous peoples and local communities by providing a dedicated and multi-purpose space for interaction and networking among indigenous peoples and local communities as well as with policy-makers, partners, media and the global public. The Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion aims to provide a “landing space” for key messages, initiatives, policy dialogues, side events, announcements and communications that advance the indigenous and local community climate change agenda. The Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion aims to be an inclusive, accessible, highly visible platform that will create a lasting impact on its visitors and advance indigenous peoples’ priorities beyond the COP itself.

The programme for the Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion will be organized into regional days, one for each of the IIPFCC regions: Africa, The Arctic, Asia, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, The Pacific, and Russia and Eastern Europe. The remainder of the days will be programed to include cross-cutting thematic issues.

Please be welcome to submit the media contact form if you would like to join and have more information about this events.

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